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Emma the Musical

Emma is an original musical inspired by the perseverance and resilience of the Filipino spirit.


Artistic Director: Ida Beltran-Lucila

Choreographer: Jojo Lucila

Musical Director: Erica Cawagas

Script: Chie Floresca


July 7, 2018. Myer Horowitz Theatre



Dear Ida and Jojo, After what I saw at the Horowitz, I think I can safely say that both of you can now quit your daytime jobs. You are now officially Edmonton's arts community's best kept secret. But not for long, I suspect. What you pulled off on Saturday given the dearth of professional & experienced talent available to you was nothing short of genius. Every Filipino, no, every Edmontonian should be proud of you. Your humility and constant self-deprecation highlight that genius even more. We've never had it so good. We just didn't know it. If I'm gushing with praise, it is every bit by intention. I have just put you on a pedestal. Many more good things to come, I'm sure! Bravo!!


I had the pleasure to watch Emma the Musical! It was an amazing experience and it definitely exceeded my expectations! The entire cast was amazing. I literally had goose bumps throughout the show, the acting/singing all were so natural and real!!! It was hard choking back tears at some moments in the play... I am not of Filipino descent but I felt so welcomed within the Filipino community!! I honestly wish there will be more showings of the show in the future so I have an opportunity to experience it all over again and bring my husband along so he too can enjoy it as much as I did! :-) Emma the Musical, you all rock!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3


I had the opportunity on Saturday to watch an amazing performance. This play had everything from comedy, action, very emotion & heart moving. I felt as if I was in the small town of Naguilian. You can tell that everyone was in their character & had chemistry. I found myself laughing, loving the upbeat songs & very emotional at the climax which just broke my heart. At the end of the musical Emma delivered a powerful message to me personally which was: In life everyone will face good times & bad times, but during those bad times as long as you believe in yourself, have faith & surround yourself with people who love you, you will be able to overcome any challenge. It is a musical that should be watched by everyone regardless of age as it has a powerful message to deliver.


The cast did an amazing job portraying the history of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The story line was especially touching as my great grandparents were killed during the Japanese invasion. Congrats again to the cast and crew on an amazing performance!


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