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Philippine Arts Festival 2010

The Philippine Arts Festival held on June 27, 2010 at the Myer Horowitz Theater was a celebration of Philippine culture and heritage through music, dance, film, photography and crafts. It showcased the cultural influences, ingenuity and the soul of the Filipino artist, and provided the audience images and sounds of the rural and tribal scenes of the Philippines to the contemporary art trends.


Under the direction of Ida and Jojo Lucila, the festival brought together about 70 artists, from the young and aspiring to the internationally acclaimed. Featured artists were: Carlo Atienza and Company; Chameleon Dance Edmonton; Filipino-Canadian Saranay Association; Maura Sharkey-Pryma; Philippine-Canadian Association of Red Deer and District; Philippine Choral; Raymond Red; Ruelo Lozendo; and Warren Mack.

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